Make Your Own Fidget Toy

A new series where I describe how to create assistive technology devices from items you may already have in your house or classroom. Today’s How-To is:

Fidget Toy

  • Locate a click-top pen that has the spring in the top (clicker) end instead of the bottom (writing) end.
  • Unscrew and dissemble the pen, leaving just the top portion with the clicker.
  • Slide foam pencil grips over the pen shaft to cover it as much as possible (you can also cut the grips open and hot glue/super glue them to the pen shaft). OR:
  • Hot glue/super glue a soft, squishy material (foam cut from an unused ball or pad, old pillow, etc.) to the shaft of the pen.
  • Enjoy!

psx_20170127_143205This fidget toy will allow children to spin, tap (with the foam dampening the sound), roll, click, and squeeze all in one. It might not meet every child’s needs, or be the most durable, but chances are it won’t cost you a thing.

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