Update: What Have I Been Up To?

As you may have noticed, there is a large gap of time between this post and my last one. Why? Well, I have been busy with so many projects that the site had to take a back seat. Here is a brief summary of everything that has kept me away from the site.


School has been busy. I just finished my second year in my EdS School Psychology program. This included six classes, 300 practicum hours, graduate assistant hours, and more. I interviewed for and accepted an internship placement in the district I used to teach. I wrote reports, made an entire portfolio of all 10 NASP domains (the first of two in my program), and presented a poster at the NASP 2020 conference in Baltimore.


I continued my work as a research assistant. I co-authored a book chapter that should be out later this year. I also worked on peer reviewing articles for publication in special education journals.


This blended with work hours at times. I tried my hardest to recruit participants for my study. This involved going to the school, asking teachers for potential students, emailing parents, dropping off consent forms, etc. In the end, the thesis got scrapped due to Covid-19 and the uncertainty that next school year brings. This means I have been trying to get a years worth of new thesis work accomplished in about 2.5 months. I hold my new prospectus at the end of the month and still have to finish the literature review, refine the methods, and correct the survey. Then comes making further corrections, piloting the survey, and submitting a new IRB. And this weekend I need to submit a proposal on my thesis to NASP 2021 convention.

Trauma Specialty

I have been working hard over the last year to add trauma identification and treatment in students with IDD a specialty of mine. This has involved doing a lot of reading, creating presentations, presenting for a graduate class, submitting my first lead author paper, and drafting another article for publication. There is still more reading to do and another paper I have to draft. I have submitted one proposal to NASP 2021 convention and might submit another.


Does that sound like a lot? It feel like a lot. I have so much more work to do, and none of this has included family responsibilities. So, back to work for me and I will make another post on here when I can find the time. Take care.

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