E-reading Worksheets

  • I used these frequently as common assessments. These can be used in the classroom to teach and assess academic skills, or at home as extra homework or continued learning over the summer break.

Journal Writing Prompts

  • I used some of these as “Quick Starts” at the start of every class. These are also great for parents to use as an after school or summer break activity. Daily writing can help improve and/or maintain writing skills. The brain is able to make stronger connections the more a student thinks critically and writes. Start with simple one sentence responses and work your way up from there. 

Behavior Plans

Behavior Support Plan Template–PBIS

  • Great template to guide IEP team members when making a positive behavior support plan for students whose behavior is impeding the accomplishment of IEP goals. Provided by OSEP.

Functional Behavior Support Plan Template–PBIS

  • Similar to the plan provided above; however, this plan is intended for students who have more serious and/or complex behavior problems that require IEP team members to dive deeper. Also provided by OSEP.

Behavior Plans for Various Disabilities–PBIS World

  • PBIS World offers great templates for students who do not need a Functional Behavior Analysis, yet need a behavior support plan. What makes these great are targeted documents for different disability categories, pre-written sections with check boxes (to save on time for teachers and professionals who are young in training), and a home support section. 


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