Parent Resources


Information and tips from experts in the field of autism (one of them even has a child with autism).

Strategies that parents can use in teaching their child self-advocacy skills needed to be successful in college and the work place.

Not everyone needs to work for a company. This guide will help family members support and make self-employment possible for loved ones with a disability.


Non-profit organization that helps parents and families with questions regarding disability and special education services. Advocates are available to help parents with the IEP process

Information on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act provided in parent friendly language to help them navigate the often-confusing wording of federal laws. Wright breaks down various aspect of the law so that you, as a parent, know what things mean in the IEP.

National organization that has many helpful tools and links to help parents understand their child and get the help they need. This organization also does advocacy work to help people in the community better understand autism.

Local organization that primarily focuses on early intervention. This organization provides ABA therapists and other home specialists to assist families in teaching and caring for their children who have autism or other developmental disabilities.

This local agency helps people with disabilities learn self-advocacy, independent living skills, employment, and assistive technology.

Provides help to individuals with disabilities in the areas of employment, managed care, and home and community-based support. Day programs, professional parenting, and other services are also available.

Similar to the other companies listed above, Turn helps individuals and families with residential and day programs, and well as support employment.

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