Psychological Resources

Students may need more help than what can be provided in the schools. There are counseling services and mental health providers in the community that can help. All should work with the major insurance providers of the area. Some may work with those without insurance.

Teachers have a high risk for mental health problems. Several recent reports indicate 49-58% of teachers suffer from varying levels of depression and/or anxiety. School psychologists only work with students, and school districts usually aren’t pro-active in mental health care for their teachers. Most, if not all, health insurance plans cover a number of counseling visits. Information can be found in the teacher health insurance packet or by contacting the HR representative for health care.

Offers a variety of services for children, teens, and adults in Utah and Wasatch counties in Utah.

Offers a variety of services in Salt Lake County Utah.

Adolescents, child, and family counseling

Marriage, child, depression, abuse, trauma, anxiety, etc.

Serves children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of disorders through multiple mental health professionals and through a variety of techniques and approaches.




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